I feel fortunate to have a job that suits me so perfectly. Since the day I first looked through the viewfinder of my dad’s Konica film camera, one he’d had for years but that I had never been curious about until it became time to think about life as a grown-up, I was hooked. And when he brought out the wide angle lens and then the telephoto, I knew what I would be doing for a living all my life. The certainty I felt then, standing there in the kitchen with my parents, was perhaps the first true, life-changing experience I ever had because I realized that as a photographer my creative vision could be a part of my work almost every day. Work and play became one and the same. Working as a photographer is a lifestyle. I can never completely turn off the photographer inside as long as my eyes are open, enjoying this amazing world, recording and interpreting parts of it, sharing my vision, feeling connected. I hope you enjoy the photographs in this website and any that I may take for you one day.

My mission is to provide commercial clients with effective, distinctive photographs for use in business and public relations, maintaining a contemporary artistic approach while also delivering traditional customer service, and never losing sight of the ultimate purpose of each image.

Make it useful, make it beautiful, make it personal.