Monthly Archives: July 2014

A New Direction

This article coincides with the redesign of my website, which signals a turn to a new direction for me. While my efforts have always been to make the prettiest images I could make, until now they have nearly all been with commercial clients’ needs in mind. My new work is made with just one client in mine—myself—and represents something of a return to my photographic roots when simple, graphic, quiet beauty was all I had in mind while making photographs.

At a time when our world is especially messy and loud and confusing, my impulse is to take pictures with little or no message intended, although the images in Cover-Up are an exception. But in Of This Earth and Man Made, you will find images meant only to entertain. Occasionally I am told that certain images have broader meaning than I ever intended, such as those in Man Made showing leafless trees sharing space with lifeless concrete bridge supports—post-apocalyptic!—but my intention is usually just to stimulate myself, and you, with my vision. I hope you enjoy my pictures. Thanks very much.

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